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This is just my bash and readline configuration files that are shared between hosts. Maybe they're useful to you too, or better yet maybe you'll spot and fix a bug!

If you find any problems with the configuration files in this repository either drop me an email or file an issue. Locally, bugs are managed with ditz, so if you're working with a clone of the repository you can report, list and fix bugs directly in the repository [1].


Before installing the package you are required to read the Makefile so that you understand how it could break your current setup. It will likely be quite difficult to install the package if you don't read the Makefile thoroughly, this is on purpose and not a bug that needs reporting.


Initially, a few people at work were talking about all the hacks they have in their bash config files wondering who had the coolest setups and what they bits they should steal when Rach Holmes decided to mash all of the together in to a package everyone could use and most importantly fix bugs in. Rach maintained this for a few years, and then changed shells in a fit of heresy.

After a year or two I've decided to start maintaining the package properly, as I was already adding features and fixing bugs in my own systems.

[1]If you're using Gentoo you can find an ebuild for ditz, in my overlay.