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Include README.rst in sdist tarballs.

Annoyingly, only README{,.txt} are included in sdist by default.  Refs #26.
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1 parent ec7f808 commit 8961180cbff000965e723ce8f800198c45488334 @JNRowe committed
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@@ -8,5 +8,6 @@ include eg/*.py
include tests/*.py
include LICENSE
+include README.rst
include requirements-tests.txt
include tox.ini

2 comments on commit 8961180


Google brought me here with the same problem... Thanks for the clear answer :+1:


Glad it helped!

A note to anyone else who stumbles upon this commit: The code that handles READMEs and other defaults can be found in ${python_libdir}/distutils/command/, just search for add_defaults.

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