Small package fixes languishing in the Gentoo BTS




This repository is unmaintained as - like many others - I've completely lost interest in submitting fixes to Gentoo. If you're inside the EADS firewall you'll find fixes against upstream's tree in the shared gentoo-fixes repository.

Packages with fixes submitted to the Gentoo BTS that have yet to be applied. Its main purpose is my staging ground, so I can separately manage upstreamed fixes.

If you find any problems with ebuilds in this overlay either file an issue or drop me an email.


This repository uses thin manifests, which requires a moderately recent version of portage to function correctly( or newer). Using older versions is not supported!

oilman integration

If you use oilman to manage your repositories you can call:

# oilman --add-repository jnrowe::fixes

Or, if you'd rather use the rsync mirror:

# oilman --method=rsync --add-repository jnrowe::fixes

To sync the repository:

# oilman --sync jnrowe::fixes # Sync this repository only
# oilman --sync all # or sync all repositories

layman integration

If you use layman to sync your repositories you can simply add this repository to the supported list.

If you're using layman v1.2.4 or newer, then the support/layman2.xml should be added to the overlays section of /etc/layman/layman.conf, for example:

overlays  :

If you're using layman v1.2.3 or earlier, then support/layman.xml should be added to the overlays section of /etc/layman/layman.conf, for example:

overlays  :

Then you can add the overlay using layman:

# layman -a jnrowe-fixes

Note: You may need to run layman --fetch or perform a sync operation before this command will work.

To sync the repository you can use layman directly, either syncing just this overlay or all your overlays at once:

# layman -s jnrowe-fixes # Sync just jnrowe-fixes
# layman -S # or sync all layman managed overlays

Or if you're an eix user you can use eix-sync to update the repositories and the eix database at the same time, first tell eix-sync to update the repository:

# echo "jnrowe-fixes" >>/etc/eix-sync.conf # Sync just jnrowe-fixes
# echo "*" >>/etc/eix-sync.conf # or sync all layman managed overlays

Finally, use eix-sync to update the specified repositories and eix package database.