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Release HOWTO


In the general case tests can be run via nose2:

$ nose2 -vv tests

When preparing a release it is important to check that :mod:`pyisbn` works with all currently supported Python versions, and that the documentation is correct.

Prepare release

With the tests passing, perform the following steps

  • Update the version data in :file:`pyisbn/`
  • Update :file:`NEWS.rst`, if there are any user visible changes
  • Commit the release notes and version changes
  • Create a signed tag for the release
  • Push the changes, including the new tag, to the GitHub repository

Update PyPI

Create and upload the new release tarballs to PyPI:

$ ./ sdist --formats=bztar,gztar bdist_wheel register upload --sign

Fetch the uploaded tarballs, and check for errors.

You should also perform test installations from PyPI, to check the experience :mod:`pyisbn` users will have.