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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Vala
" Maintainers: Emmanuele Bassi <>
" Hans Vercammen <>
" pancake <>
" Last Change: 2009-10-28
" Filenames: *.vala *.vapi
" [1]
" TODO: Possibly when reaching vala 1.0 release
" - validate code attributes
" - better error checking for known errors
" - full support for valadoc
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let s:vala_cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
" Types
syn keyword valaType bool char double float size_t ssize_t string unichar void
syn keyword valaType int int8 int16 int32 int64 long short
syn keyword valaType uint uint8 uint16 uint32 uint64 ulong ushort
" Storage keywords
syn keyword valaStorage class delegate enum errordomain interface namespace struct
" repeat / condition / label
syn keyword valaRepeat break continue do for foreach return while
syn keyword valaConditional else if switch assert
" User Labels
syn keyword valaLabel case default
" Modifiers
syn keyword valaModifier abstract const dynamic ensures extern inline internal override
syn keyword valaModifier private protected public requires signal static virtual volatile weak
syn keyword valaModifier async owned unowned
" Constants
syn keyword valaConstant false null true
" Exceptions
syn keyword valaException try catch finally throw
" Unspecified Statements
syn keyword valaUnspecifiedStatement as base construct delete get in is lock new out params ref sizeof set this throws typeof using value var yield
" Comments
syn cluster valaCommentGroup contains=valaTodo
syn keyword valaTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX NOTE
" valadoc Comments (ported from javadoc comments in java.vim)
" TODO: need to verify valadoc syntax
if !exists("vala_ignore_valadoc")
syn cluster valaDocCommentGroup contains=valaDocTags,valaDocSeeTag
syn region valaDocTags contained start="{@\(link\|linkplain\|inherit[Dd]oc\|doc[rR]oot\|value\)" end="}"
syn match valaDocTags contained "@\(param\|exception\|throws\|since\)\s\+\S\+" contains=valaDocParam
syn match valaDocParam contained "\s\S\+"
syn match valaDocTags contained "@\(author\|brief\|version\|return\|deprecated\)\>"
syn region valaDocSeeTag contained matchgroup=valaDocTags start="@see\s\+" matchgroup=NONE end="\_."re=e-1 contains=valaDocSeeTagParam
syn match valaDocSeeTagParam contained @"\_[^"]\+"\|<a\s\+\_.\{-}</a>\|\(\k\|\.\)*\(#\k\+\((\_[^)]\+)\)\=\)\=@ extend
" Comment Strings (ported from c.vim)
if exists("vala_comment_strings")
syn match valaCommentSkip contained "^\s*\*\($\|\s\+\)"
syn region valaCommentString contained start=+L\=\\\@<!"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ end=+\*/+me=s-1 contains=valaSpecialChar,valaCommentSkip
syn region valaComment2String contained start=+L\=\\\@<!"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ end=+"+ end="$" contains=valaSpecialChar
syn cluster valaCommentStringGroup contains=valaCommentString,valaCharacter,valaNumber
syn region valaCommentL start="//" end="$" keepend contains=@valaCommentGroup,valaComment2String,valaCharacter,valaNumber,valaSpaceError,@Spell
syn region valaComment matchgroup=valaCommentStart start="/\*" end="\*/" contains=@valaCommentGroup,@valaCommentStringGroup,valaCommentStartError,valaSpaceError,@Spell extend
if !exists("vala_ignore_valadoc")
syn region valaDocComment matchgroup=valaCommentStart start="/\*\*" end="\*/" keepend contains=@valaCommentGroup,@valaDocCommentGroup,@valaCommentStringGroup,valaCommentStartError,valaSpaceError,@Spell
syn region valaCommentL start="//" end="$" keepend contains=@valaCommentGroup,valaSpaceError,@Spell
syn region valaComment matchgroup=valaCommentStart start="/\*" end="\*/" contains=@valaCommentGroup,valaCommentStartError,valaSpaceError,@Spell
if !exists("vala_ignore_valadoc")
syn region valaDocComment matchgroup=valaCommentStart start="/\*\*" end="\*/" keepend contains=@valaCommentGroup,@valaDocCommentGroup,valaCommentStartError,valaSpaceError,@Spell
" match comment errors
syntax match valaCommentError display "\*/"
syntax match valaCommentStartError display "/\*"me=e-1 contained
" match the special comment /**/
syn match valaComment "/\*\*/"
" Vala Code Attributes
syn region valaAttribute start="^\s*\[" end="\]$" contains=valaComment,valaString keepend
syn region valaAttribute start="\[CCode" end="\]" contains=valaComment,valaString
" Avoid escaped keyword matching
syn match valaUserContent display "@\I*"
" Strings and constants
syn match valaSpecialError contained "\\."
syn match valaSpecialCharError contained "[^']"
syn match valaSpecialChar contained +\\["\\'0abfnrtvx]+
syn region valaString start=+"+ end=+"+ end=+$+ contains=valaSpecialChar,valaSpecialError,valaUnicodeNumber,@Spell
syn region valaVerbatimString start=+"""+ end=+"""+ contains=@Spell
syn match valaUnicodeNumber +\\\(u\x\{4}\|U\x\{8}\)+ contained contains=valaUnicodeSpecifier
syn match valaUnicodeSpecifier +\\[uU]+ contained
syn match valaCharacter "'[^']*'" contains=valaSpecialChar,valaSpecialCharError
syn match valaCharacter "'\\''" contains=valaSpecialChar
syn match valaCharacter "'[^\\]'"
syn match valaNumber display "\<\(0[0-7]*\|0[xX]\x\+\|\d\+\)[lL]\=\>"
syn match valaNumber display "\(\<\d\+\.\d*\|\.\d\+\)\([eE][-+]\=\d\+\)\=[fFdD]\="
syn match valaNumber display "\<\d\+[eE][-+]\=\d\+[fFdD]\=\>"
syn match valaNumber display "\<\d\+\([eE][-+]\=\d\+\)\=[fFdD]\>"
" when wanted, highlight trailing white space
if exists("vala_space_errors")
if !exists("vala_no_trail_space_error")
syn match valaSpaceError display excludenl "\s\+$"
if !exists("vala_no_tab_space_error")
syn match valaSpaceError display " \+\t"me=e-1
" when wanted, set minimum lines for comment syntax syncing
if exists("vala_minlines")
let b:vala_minlines = vala_minlines
let b:vala_minlines = 50
exec "syn sync ccomment valaComment minlines=" . b:vala_minlines
" The default highlighting.
hi def link valaType Type
hi def link valaStorage StorageClass
hi def link valaRepeat Repeat
hi def link valaConditional Conditional
hi def link valaLabel Label
hi def link valaModifier StorageClass
hi def link valaConstant Constant
hi def link valaException Exception
hi def link valaUnspecifiedStatement Statement
hi def link valaUnspecifiedKeyword Keyword
hi def link valaContextualStatement Statement
hi def link valaCommentError Error
hi def link valaCommentStartError Error
hi def link valaSpecialError Error
hi def link valaSpecialCharError Error
hi def link valaSpaceError Error
hi def link valaTodo Todo
hi def link valaCommentL valaComment
hi def link valaCommentStart valaComment
hi def link valaCommentSkip valaComment
hi def link valaComment Comment
hi def link valaDocComment Comment
hi def link valaDocTags Special
hi def link valaDocParam Function
hi def link valaDocSeeTagParam Function
hi def link valaAttribute PreCondit
hi def link valaCommentString valaString
hi def link valaComment2String valaString
hi def link valaString String
hi def link valaVerbatimString String
hi def link valaCharacter Character
hi def link valaSpecialChar SpecialChar
hi def link valaNumber Number
hi def link valaUnicodeNumber SpecialChar
hi def link valaUnicodeSpecifier SpecialChar
let b:current_syntax = "vala"
let &cpo = s:vala_cpo_save
unlet s:vala_cpo_save
" vim: ts=8
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