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The continuos download plugin will download the viewing are when you are zooming and paning around. It will try to find
the optimal boxes to download and send multiple download queries if possible. This plugin can be deactivated with a
menu option. If you have mirrored download plugin installed this will not be used to download areas, this may cause you
to be blocked from the main api.

plugin.continuos_download.active_default  If this plugin is active at startup. This default state will not change when
                                          you are toggeling the plugin with the menu option.
plugin.continuos_download.max_threads     Maximum number of threads used for downloading, increasing this will cause the
                                          client to send more concurrint queries to the server. Requires restart.
plugin.continuos_download.max_areas       Maximum number of boxes to download for each pan/zoom.
plugin.continuos_download.wait_time       Time in milliseconds after a pan/zoom before it starts downloading. Additional
                                          changes in the viewport in the waiting time will reset the timer.
plugin.continuos_download.extra_download  How much extra area around the viewport is it going to download. Setting this
                                          to 0 will not download any extra data.
plugin.continuos_download.max_area        Max area to download in degrees^2. Increasing this number will cause the
                                          plugin to download areas when you are zoomed far out.
plugin.continuos_download.strategy        The strategy for finding what areas to request from the server.

Download strategies:
Box strategy     Original code developed by zere for use in Potlatch 2. This strategy looks for the best way to combine
                 areas to be downloaded so that the area is as smal as possible.
Simple strategy  This is a test strategy that will download the entire area. Mostly used for testing. 

All files in this plugin is licenced under GPL v2 or later unless stated.