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Crush'd is an online dating application like no other. Users can go on Crush'd and create a short introduction video...'like' and instant message each other, and spark a love connection.

Live Site

Background and Overview

  • Introduce yourself in a short video and ask potential mates a question you would really like to know.

  • Crush'd algorithim matches you with other users who can video record a reply to your question.

  • If you like how they answered, a match is made and you can message each other and take it from there. ❤️

  • Real-time: Communication feels instantaneous. More generally, updates to the state of an application in multiple locations occur with no perceptible delay.

  • Seamless: Users can expect a responsive application that is intuitive to use and has a consistent look and feel regardless of the platform.

Crush'd is primarily built with the MERN stack, a combination of following four technologies: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.


alt text alt_text alt_text

Technologies & Challenges

  • Our team used the MERN stack (React, Redux, Node, Express & MongoDB) for this application, which allowed us to use Javascript in both the front as well as the back end.
  • User can respond to other video profiles -
  • Video response is uploaded and compressed to db -

October 26th

  • Response Index Page -
  • User can view video responses from other users -
  • Notify user when new responses are uploaded -
  • 24 hour timer set to reset all current video responses -
  • Link to messaging page -
  • Refine design/CSS - George and Domonic

October 27th

  • User can select one video response and send message to profile -
  • All other video responses are removed -
  • Complete production -
  • Refine design/CSS - George and Domonic
  • Finish testing and debugging - All team members
  • hosting on Heroku -


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