Troubleshooting JOverseer

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How do I find out which version of jOverseer I have running?

When jOverseer is running, select the Menu item 'Help' and then 'About'. The keyboard shorcut is Alt-H, A . The about box shows the version, as something like Version: 1.16.2

Click 'OK' or close the about box to continue.

I updated jOverseer but it no longer works.

If you get a dialog window complaining about an unsupported java version and a number like 51 or 52. You have an old version of java which is no longer receiving security updates. Install the latest version of java for your computer from . JOverseer should then work ok.

Where is jOverseer Installed?

In windows, it is typically installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\JOverseer\

Where does jOverseer store information?

Preferences are stored in the registry on windows: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\org\joverseer

jOverseer isn't checking for the latest version.

jOverseer updating is controlled by the preferences, which you can see from the Preferences->Updates tab.

If the Preference is not set to check for a new version, then it won't check!

As of version 1.16.3 a new menu item Help->Check for Update is available which will allow the user to force a check, and which the user can force the update download to happen, even if the version number appears to be the latest.

JOverseer only checks for updates at startup, and will wait 2 weeks before checking again. Sometimes you may want to force an update.

  • Starting jOverseer with the -U option which should reset the 'last checked' time and check for an update.
  • Edit the registry and remove the last time stamp: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\org\joverseer\ui\last/Version/Check/Date (yes - the slashes are in the key name!)
  • Close jOverseer and run jOverseerUpdater.exe which will unconditionally download the latest update.

If none of those work, then check that the RSS feed has published the latest, and that the preferences are set to the correct RSS feed. The main feed is

I want to revert to an older version.

If you have a show-stopping problem and want to go back to an older version of jOverseer until a fix is available, then it may be possible. A limited number of older updates are available.

To see if a specific update is available, open an internet browser and try '` where xx is 1 or 2 digits of the desired version. If the update is not available, then it won't find the file.

To force jOverseer to use that older version:

  • open jOverseer
  • find the Preferences->Updates section
  • change the Download pointer for updates to the that worked before
  • force an update check: Help->Check For Updates and then click Update even if nothing appears in the text window.
  • Once the update has happened, go back and change the download pointer to, so you can get notified of when a new update appears, otherwise you could get stuck on an old version!
  • You can now refuse to install updates when jOverseer notices, unless you can see that it fixes your problem.
  • Drop an email to middleearthgames letting them know that you are having problems, so that they can prioritise bug-fixes.

I want to install the latest version, but I can't find an installer for it.

Since version 1.0.11 jOverseer is pretty reliable about updating existing versions, so having the very latest installer is not necessary, although it's easier to force the initial update with version 1.16.3 and later.

Where's the update for Linux/Windows/Mac ?

Only the installers (setup program) are platform specific. The updates are the same for all platforms. jOverseer is the same for all platforms. (Note to developers: this is not quite true :) jide-common.jar has had to be modified to workaround some problems)

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