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Playground for OpenGL practice
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OpenGL Playground

Tracking my progress learning OpenGL. Using a number of online articles and tutorials. Broken into manageable sections with a self assigned task to be completed for each section.

1. "Hello Triangle"

Show a triangle on screen with RGB and interpolated coloring.

2. Texturing"

Create a rectangular texture using 2 triangles.

3. "Transformations"

Translate and Rotate a textured object.

4. "Projections and Coordinate system"

Create a Perspective view of a rotating cube.

5. "Camera"

Implement a user controlled camera that allows movement through the world.

6. "Colors"

Create a lamp and box of different colors, ready for lighting.

7. "Basic Lighting"

Create a scene with ambient, diffuse and specular lighting.

8. "Materials"

Create a box with variable material properties.

9. "Lighting Maps"

Create a box which uses diffuse/specular maps to add highlights to specific sections. (ie. iron rim should reflect more than wooden body)

10. "Multiple Lights"

Create a scene with directional, spot(flashlight attached to camera) and multiple point lights.

11. "Importing Models"

Use ASSIMP to import a 3D model into the scene.

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