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MalConfScan-with-Cuckoo wiki

MalConfScan-with-Cuckoo is a Cuckoo Sandbox plugin extracts configuration data of known malware. Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source automated malware analysis system. This plugin searches for known malware in the sandbox's memory images and dumps the configuration data. This plugin integrates MalConfScan into your Cuckoo Sandbox and analyzes the memory dump in each analysis session. Before activating the plugin, you need to install Volatility, Yara and, MalConfScan to your Cuckoo server.


Himawari Cuckoo

Screenshot: Sample report of Himawari(a variant of RedLeaves) in Cuckoo

Supported Malware Families

MalConfScan with Cuckoo can dump the following malware configuration data, decoded strings or DGA domains:

  • Ursnif
  • Emotet
  • Smoke Loader
  • PoisonIvy
  • CobaltStrike
  • NetWire
  • PlugX
  • RedLeaves / Himawari / Lavender / Armadill / zark20rk
  • TSCookie
  • TSC_Loader
  • xxmm
  • Datper
  • Ramnit
  • HawkEye
  • Lokibot
  • Bebloh (Shiotob/URLZone)
  • AZORult
  • NanoCore RAT
  • AgentTesla
  • FormBook
  • NodeRAT (
  • njRAT
  • TrickBot
  • Remcos
  • Pony


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