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Python module for comparing the impfuzzy
pyimpfuzzy is python module which calculate and compare the impfuzzy(import fuzzy hashing)

More details are described in the following documents: (Japanese) (English)


pyimpfuzzy requires the following modules:


$ pip install pyimpfuzzy


$ sudo python install


  • get_impfuzzy - return the impfuzzy hash for a given file
  • get_impfuzzy_data - return the impfuzzy hash for a buffer
  • hash_compare - return the match between 2 hashes

Example Usage

import pyimpfuzzy
import sys

hash1 = pyimpfuzzy.get_impfuzzy(sys.argv[1])
hash2 = pyimpfuzzy.get_impfuzzy(sys.argv[2])
print("ImpFuzzy1: %s" % hash1)
print("ImpFuzzy2: %s" % hash2)
print("Compare: %i" % pyimpfuzzy.hash_compare(hash1, hash2))


pyimpfuzzy-0.1.tar.gz sha256 09c997df16c822d88f0aac21e21cdfb7195716e2b24dc6c4554eaa99b7de81da
pyimpfuzzy-0.2.tar.gz sha256 06cfe1588055ceeef839446cea7bac9c08cce8aa2eb1621bc591a97af2729622
pyimpfuzzy-0.5.tar.gz sha256 da9796df302db4b04a197128637f84988f1882f1e08fdd69bbf9fdc6cfbaf349

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