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# Copyright (c) 2008 by Leif Frenzel - see
# This code is made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License,
# version 1.0 (EPL). See
# bundle manifest
bundleVendor = The EclipseFP Project
bundleName = Haskell Plug-in Debug UI
# extensions
appLaunchShortcut_label = Haskell Application
appLaunchContextLabel_label = Run Haskell Application
testSuiteLaunchShortcut_label = Test-framework Test
testSuiteLaunchContextLabel_label = Run Test-framework Test
ghciShortcut_label = GHCi session
ghciContextLabel_label = Run GHCi session
# Yesod actions
yesodDevelShortcut_label=Yesod Development Server
yesodDevelContextLabel_label=Launch Yesod development server
yesodTestShortcut_label=Yesod Integration Test
yesodTestContextLabel_label=Launch Yesod integration test suite
appLaunchProfilingShortcut_label = Haskell Application with Profiling
appLaunchProfilingContextLabel_label = Run Haskell Application with Profiling
runGHCiShortcut_name = Run GHCi session
runGHCiShortcut_desc = Starts an interactive GHC session, loading this file and \
adding the project source folders to GHCi's search path.
runHaskellShortcut_name = Run Haskell program
runHaskellShortcut_desc = Executes the built executable from this project.
runTestSuiteShortcut_name = Run Test-framework Test
runTestSuiteShortcut_desc = Executes the built test-suite from this project.
runHaskellProfilingShortcut_name = Run Haskell program with profiling
runHaskellProfilingShortcut_desc = Executes the built executable from this project with profiling support.
toggle_breakpoint=Toggle Breakpoint
haskellInteractiveLaunchType_name = Haskell interactive session
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