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EclipseFP Haskell 2.0.1
Release Notes
We're moving to a 3 integer version identifier, since it's used for Eclipse plugins (see 2.0.0 is the version following 1.111. 2.0.1 fixes a dependency error on AttoJSON (now builds with version 0.5.8)
You need Scion, the Haskell IDE library. See for more information.
You cannot use the version from Hackage ( since commands have been added for eclipsefp. From version 1.111, eclipsefp includes a modified source distribution of scion, that is built and used by eclipsefp if the use built-in server preferences option is checked. Since it is by default, eclipse might be a bit slow to start the first time scion is built. Otherwise, you can build Scion from source (git clone git://, runhaskell Setup.hs configure/build/install)
- use cabal install to install scion so that dependencies are downloaded
- fix in Cabal parsing with multiple if else
- icons in outline view for Cabal flags/if/else
- do not see build messages multiple times when we have multiple cabal components
- marker position when changing a module breaks another one
- rebuild everything without output on startup to have full definition db
- fixes in Cabal handling when modifying multiple-valued fields
- fixes "file not in module graph" when a source file does not belong to the last Cabal component loaded
- creates Main.hs for new executable in the proper folder as specified by preferences
- when a file is not found in module graph, reset module specific session info to avoid data from the previous file
- Quick fix: adding a new pragma or type definition respects literate format
- 0pening a file not contained in a Cabal component (Setup.hs say) uses a single file component that parses it without any special flag nor dependencies
- Opening Main.hs when the source folder is the project root folder does not fail with File not in Module graph error any more.
- uses GHC lexing for syntax highlighting, which fixes issues with for example character literals, etc.
- selecting an instance declaration in outline view selects the full declaration instead of partially selecting the start of it
- fixes when adding/removing a module to/from several components
- when arbitrary type check cannot be done, the message only appears on per file per session, and contains the file name
- better support of Cabal 1.6
- GHC libraries list in Project Explorer only shows libraries referenced by the project.
- Some more quick fixes around pragmas (more messages handled)
- unused "import libraries" property page changed to provide front end to build-depends field of Cabal (add/remove libraries dependencies)
- compiles under Helios
- if no component (library and/or executable) is selected when creating a project, no cabal file is created. Useful to get a project from a source control.
- tab with for Haskell and Cabal editor exposed as preferences
- More options for syntax highlighting (numbers, etc...)
- By default a new module is included in all the components of the project
- Outline now works on modules that parse but do not typecheck
- Arguments for GHCi launch configurations now split in additional arguments, that you can edit, and other arguments, generated from the cabal info
- removed Antlr parsing and Java based AST representation. Let's just use Scion for all source code parsing.
- uses GHC lexing for syntax highlighting. Same thing, let's leverage Scion.
- Communications with scion using pipes and not network.
Thanks to Han Joosten for his feedback and his help.
Thanks to Scott Michel for his contributions.
Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!
JP Moresmau (