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EclipseFP Haskell 2.0.2
Release Notes
You need Scion, the Haskell IDE library. See for more information.
You cannot use the version from Hackage ( since commands have been added for eclipsefp. From version 1.111, eclipsefp includes a modified source distribution of scion, that is built and used by eclipsefp if the use built-in server preferences option is checked. Since it is by default, eclipse might be a bit slow to start the first time scion is built. Otherwise, you can build Scion from source (git clone git://, runhaskell Setup.hs configure/build/install)
- Thing at point command correctly sets the proper file context and parses the result correctly
- Specify Cabal implementation to use to build internal Scion
- Open Definition has been enhanced:
- correctly finds proper definition when several names existed in the project in different modules
- opens definition in source files in referenced projects
- opens external source or haddock documentation (driven by preferences, by default, searches in the local Haskell implementation and on Hackage)
- Interface to cabal sdist via Project -> Export -> Haskell -> Cabal Source export
- Refactor of scion client plugin for better stability, better performance and cleaner code
Upgrade notes:
- When upgrading through the Eclipse mecanism, scion will not be rebuilt when you restart. You need to go to Preferences -> Haskell -> Scion and Cabal and select one Cabal install (using Autodetect usually works fine). Upon clicking OK scion will build.
Thanks to B. Scott Michel for his contributions.
Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!
JP Moresmau (
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