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EclipseFP Haskell 2.2.4
Release Notes
Necessary Haskell packages:
- EclipseFP relies on BuildWrapper, a Haskell IDE library, for a lot of its functionality. See for more information. Version 0.5.1 of buildwrapper has been validated with this version of EclipseFP
- EclipseFP also uses scion-browser. Version 0.2.8 has been validated with this version of EclipseFP
- Supports hlint Notes in hlint output parser
- Support hlint not managing to parse sources (example with Template Haskell)
- Do not run HLint on sources inside .dist-buildwrapper
- 2.2.3 regression fixed: running GHCi with hidden packages failed (wrong quoting)
- Show constructors from same project in auto completion
- Removing Cabal implementations when executable is not found
- Quick fix for import of constructor gives choice between importing Type(Constructor) or Type(..)
- Task tags: special words in comment create tasks (TODO, FIXME, XXX by default)
- Search for breakpoints and breakpoints source in referenced projects, not only current projects
- Haddock generation now uses cabal haddock instead of calling haddock directly
- wizard is simpler
- GTK new project wizard: creates an executable with a dependency on GTK and showing a simple Hello World Button application
- New projects use current user name as default author name
- Extra cabal parameters in project properties
- pass to Cabal configure
- special UI for extra lib dirs and extra include dirs
- Content assist can search for symbols that are:
- already imported (as before)
- in all the packages referenced by the project. The module import will be automatically added.
- in all the packages in the local package databases. The module import and the package reference in build-depends will be automatically added
- A preference allows the user to specify which scope to use. Default is to search in all packages.
- On files bigger than 20k, do syntax coloring in a job. There is a preference to change the threshold.
Upgrade notes:
Known issues:
Thanks to all bug reporters and users for their feedback.
Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!