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-- This Cabal file has been generated by Cohatoe to automatically
-- build the object files (declared in plugin.xml) from the Haskell
-- sources (in hs-src/).
Name: cohatoe-plugin
Version: 1.106.0
Build-depends: base, cohatoe-api, mtl, containers, parsec, array, Cabal, network
Hs-Source-Dirs: ../../hs-src
Ghc-options: -Wall -package-name main
Exposed-modules: OrganizeImports, MakePointFree, ValidateCabalFile, ManipulateCabalFile, GHCOutputParser, ParseGHCOutput, EclipseFP.Haskell.Core.Refactor.Rename, EclipseFP.Haskell.Core.Marshal, EclipseFP.Haskell.Core.SrcLoc