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- hlint parameters/options
- per project
- per worskpace
- scan hlint data directory and get all files different than HLint.hs?
- allow global parameters
- offer to use cabal-dev to install buildwrapper and other executables
- use a folder inside the plugin?
- display warnings + quick fix on unused dependencies in cabal
use usage
- cabal-db and packdeps integration
- comment action should toggle comment/uncomment
types of parameters?
- quick fix on missing package
-> install package -> Done
-> event when installing packages
-> parse package name
-> clean and rebuild projects that are broken because of this missing package if automatic build is enabled
- global action to remove all useless imports (in file editor, on several files in navigator)
- global action to clean all imports: only import what's needed
-> from import Package.Module to import Package.Module(Type(Constructor), function)
- show packages in error in Cabal Packages view (error overlay on icon) + errors + enable install button
- list of packages in error
- fix all hlint suggestions on project?
- code navigation like chris done?
keep locations from ast?
Does Eclipse provide easy way to do that in the editor?
Yes, Eclipse does it for Java:
So we need to:
- have buildwrapper build1 return the locations from the AST
- implement the navigation ourselves in the AST location tree
- latest version of haskell-src-exts exposes lexer, would that be better to use than GHC lexer?
- achievements!
- causing a GHC panic "the impossible happened"
- big functions: more than n lines?
- more than N Language extensions
- haddock comment much longer than function
- more than N dependent packages in cabal file
- "visual programming"
- define expressions
- the expressions get revaluated every time the file is changed
- expressions could be assigned with "viewers"
-> show images, play sound, etc
- clean up preferences
- no option for GHC/GHCi: we need to know what options to ignore for GHCi, since these options are going to appear in the Cabal file
- GHC options on each project as well
- GHC 6.12 -dynamic option (
- code manipulation: should be pluggable into scion without recompiling???
- broken refactorings (point free, etc...)
- files not haskell in source folders could go into data-files automatically
- run Ghci with proper flags done partially
- ask which cabal component to take
- what about conditional in cabal (like scion: if ghc impl...)
- remove inproper options
- ignore .ghci file option? ( -ignore-dot-ghci)
.ghci file parsing/editor?? (
- integrate with packagedeps
- integrate with hspec
- integrate analysis tools like hpc, HaskaBelle
- integrate runtime tools like criterion
- integrate HaRe for refactoring?
- debugging
- column on breakpoint??
- better system to force evaluation? Done with custom value setter calling :force what about calling seq ... ()?
- reloading modules when stopped seems to cause breakpoints to disappear in GHCi, to check
- add Haskell nature + related files to existing project
- project rename
- module rename (rename file + module name + imports ) (in cabal already done) -> done, to check
- CAPRI to install scion
- built-in -> install global/local/project