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1. import
import <ctrl-space> -> list of modules
import qualified <ctrl-space> -> list of modules
import <Module> as <ctrl-space> -> nothing
import qualified <Module> as <ctrl-space> -> nothing
2. type definitions
<function> :: <ctrl-space> -> list of types
<function> :: <Type> -> <ctrl-space> -> list of types
<function> :: (<TypeClass> a) => <ctrl-space> -> list of types (+ a would be heaven (-:)
<function> :: <Type1> -> <Type2>( <ctrl-space> -> list of types
3. functions
<function> a = <ctrl-space> -> list of variables
<function> <ctrl-space> -> list of constructors
<function> :: <Type1> -> <Type2>
<function> a = <ctrl-space> -> list of variables
<function> :: (<TypeClass> a) => <Type1> -> a
<function> a = <ctrl-space> -> list of variables
<function> a = case a of
<ctrl-space> -> list of constructors
<function> a = case a of
Nothing -> <ctrl-space> -> list of variables
<function> a = let <ctrl-space> -> nothing
<function> a = do <ctrl-space> -> list of variables
<function> a = go a
where go <ctrl-space> -> list of constructors
<function> a = go a
where go b =<ctrl-space> -> list of variables
<function> a b | <ctrl-space> -> list of variables
4. Type annotations inside code
<function> a = do
b<-(read a):: <ctrl-space> -> list of types
5. parenthesis
<function> a = do
b<-((read a)::String)++<ctrl-space> -> list of variables
6. module
module <ctrl-space> -> nothing
7. data declarations
data <ctrl-space> -> nothing
data <Type> = <ctrl-space> -> nothing
data <Type>= <Constructor> <ctrl-space> -> list of types
data <Type>= <Constructor> <Type1> <Type2>
deriving <ctrl-space> -> list of types
data <Type>= <Constructor> {<ctrl-space> -> nothing
data <Type>= <Constructor> {a::<ctrl-space> -> list of types
type <Type>= <ctrl-space> -> list of types
newtype <Type>= <ctrl-space> -> list of types
8. litterals
function fun1 a=let
b="<ctrl-space> -> nothing ??? probably difficult to know if we're inside or outside the string litteral, etc... minor
-read tokens backwards from position
-encounter ) increase parenthesis count
-encouter ( decrease parenthesis count if >0, otherwise ignore
-encounter } increase curlycount
-encounter { decrease curly count if >0, otherwise nothing
-encounter = keep flag "equal"
-encounter <- : variables
-encounter as nothing
-encounter { nothing
-encounter import, qualified modules
-encounter deriving types
-encounter ::, => type
-encounter | variables
-encounter -> keep flag ("right arrow")
- encounter :: type
- encounter case variables
-encounter of constructor
-encounter let nothing unless flag "equal": types
-encounter module nothing
-encounter = then data,type,newtype -> list of types
-reach column 0 constructors unless flag "equal": types
-encounter where constructors unless flag "equal": types
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