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EclipseFP Haskell 2.1.0
Release Notes
EclipseFP relies on Scion, the Haskell IDE library, for a lot of its
functionality. See for more information.
You cannot use the version from Hackage since commands have been
added for eclipsefp. From version 1.111, eclipsefp includes a modified source
distribution of scion, that is built and used by eclipsefp if the use built-in
server preferences option is checked. Since it is by default, eclipse might be
a bit slow to start the first time scion is built. Otherwise, you can build
Scion from source (git clone git://, runhaskell
Setup.hs configure/build/install)
- Cabal preferences mismatch error is now a warning, and preferences synchronize automatically with current versions
- bug-reports cabal field now properly highlighted
- only accept valid project names in project creation wizard
- clean cabal automatically when GHC complains of a missing -package-id
- Latex literate style supported by syntax highlighter
- {-# #-} pragmas now marked properly as comments in syntax highlighter
- files containing tabs instead of space: a warning is raised when opening to give the option of converting tabs to space,
since in most cases with GHC7 the editor will crash on opening. Option to disable "spaces for tabs" in preferences removed. You can't have tabs, full stop.
- on unix, an error "getFileStatus: does not exist" could happen
- Cabal files with if else sections were sometimes not parsed properly
- On a multi component project, if the last component failed, every file would raise an error. We now revert to the last properly loaded component
- Quick Fix: add missing dependency on hidden package
- Quick Fix: add missing import
- Quick Fix: show them in the vertical ruler
- Run cabal update before building scion
- Wizard on projects (cabal source export, install, test, haddock export) will ask the user to save files if there are unsaved files in the project
- Compressed outline view: When a data declaration contains a single constructor with a name identical to the data declaration, the node for the constructor is hidden and the constructor's children directly expanded.
- More options in the visual .cabal files editor
- Support for moving or renaming modules
- SourceGraph integration
- Support for executable profiling
- Hoogle search integration
- Package and Module Browser
- Autocompletion in Haskell source files
- Text editors and new file wizards for Alex, Happy and UUAGC
- HLint integration
- New project wizards and file associations for Snap and Yesod web frameworks
- Support for running test-framework tests and showing the results in JUnit view
- Needs BIRT Charting Engine to get profiling result graphs (however, EclipseFP can install and run without BIRT)
- Needs Web Tools Platform to open web pages
- Includes a packaged version of scion-browser. The development of that library is done in
Upgrade notes:
- If you had EclipseFP configured with a previous version of GHC and Cabal, run autodetect again in the Haskell Implementations and Scion and Cabal preference pages.
Known issues:
This release is mostly based on the work by Alejandro Serrano Mena, thank you!
Thanks to Christopher Lane Hinson for his contributions.
Thanks to all bug reporters and users for their feedback.
Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!
JP Moresmau (
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