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1 parent 5423b77 commit 3bd8af7e32761708585fce5a47af614dd618edd4 @JPMoresmau committed Sep 24, 2012
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ Fixes:
- accept tab between section type and name in Cabal files
- treat filenames as default encoding, not utf8
- only accept ascii characters in project names, since accented characters do not work well with gcc and such
+ - adding a list to cabal (example: data-files) via the ui does not mess the cabal file
+ - synchronize operations do not block other operations
- Specify the cabal stanza you want to use settings from when checking a file in the editor
@@ -397,7 +397,14 @@ public void testSpaces(){
String s=pd.dump();
+ System.out.println(s);
assertTrue(s.contains( " First line"+PlatformUtil.NL+" ."+PlatformUtil.NL+" Line2" ) );
+ pd=PackageDescriptionLoader.load( s );
+ String data="docs/doc1.txt, "+PlatformUtil.NL+"docs/doc2.txt";
+ rvp=pdss.get(0).update( CabalSyntax.FIELD_DATA_FILES, data );
+ assertEquals(PlatformUtil.NL+CabalSyntax.FIELD_DATA_FILES+": "+PlatformUtil.NL+" docs/doc1.txt, "+PlatformUtil.NL+" docs/doc2.txt"+PlatformUtil.NL,rvp.getRealValue());
public void testList(){
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