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Merge pull request #61 from Oblosys/master

Changed '=' back to CSS standard ':' since '=' breaks alignement on Mac.
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commit 856535138a4f060dd0b1b48fa0c96b7f922944ad 2 parents 6271478 + 0c52f40
JP Moresmau authored
2  net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell.ui/src/net/sf/eclipsefp/haskell/ui/internal/editors/haskell/
@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ public static String computeProblemInfo( final ITextViewer textViewer, final IRe
try {
URL url =FileLocator.toFileURL( HaskellUIPlugin.getDefault().getBundle().getResource(
fMarkerAnnotationAccess.isSubtype( type, ERROR_ANNOTATION_TYPE )?"icons/obj16/error_obj.gif":"icons/obj16/warning_obj.gif"));
- img="<img src=\"" + url.toString()+"\" style=\"vertical-align=-4;\"/>";
+ img="<img src=\"" + url.toString()+"\" style=\"vertical-align:-4;\"/>";
} catch( IOException ioe){
HaskellUIPlugin.log( ioe );
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