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doc typo

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1 parent f4b4e52 commit d622d609d6fc89e2573498dbd4e4175a1309135f @JPMoresmau committed Sep 28, 2012
2 ...rc/net/sf/eclipsefp/haskell/debug/core/internal/launch/
@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@ public static void runInConsole(final IProject prj,final List<String> commands,f
ILaunchConfigurationType configType = launchManager.getLaunchConfigurationType( configTypeId );
final ILaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy wc=configType.newInstance( null,launchManager.generateLaunchConfigurationName(title) );//launchManager.generateUniqueLaunchConfigurationNameFrom( title));
- // if private, we don't get the save dialog for unsave files in project
+ // if private, we don't get the save dialog for unsaved files in project
wc.setAttribute( IDebugUIConstants.ATTR_PRIVATE, prj==null );
wc.setAttribute( IDebugUIConstants.ATTR_LAUNCH_IN_BACKGROUND, false );
wc.setAttribute( IDebugUIConstants.ATTR_CAPTURE_IN_CONSOLE, true );

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