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1 parent 8f0d7d0 commit ed80ccd709ff81999ba3e9230227f032e0bf40ca @JPMoresmau committed Mar 26, 2012
1 docs/releasenotes/net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell_2.2.4.txt
@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Fixes:
- 2.2.3 regression fixed: running GHCi with hidden packages failed (wrong quoting)
- Show constructors from same project in auto completion
- Removing Cabal implementations when executable is not found
+ - Quick fix for import of constructor gives choice between importing Type(Constructor) or Type(..)
- Task tags: special words in comment create tasks (TODO, FIXME, XXX by default)
7 ...lipsefp/haskell/ui/internal/editors/haskell/codeassist/
@@ -457,7 +457,12 @@ private static boolean isPointed(final String name){
private void addBrowserDecl(final Packaged<Declaration> browserDecl,final Map<String, Documented> decls,final Map<String,String> packages,final Map<String,String> constructors, final boolean newPackage){
- String key= browserDecl.getElement().getName()+" ("+browserDecl.getElement().getModule().getName()+")";
+ String key= browserDecl.getElement().getName()+" (";
+ // prepend package name before module to indicate this will create a new reference
+ if (newPackage){
+ key+=browserDecl.getPackage().getName()+":";
+ }
+ key+=browserDecl.getElement().getModule().getName()+")";
if (!decls.containsKey( key ) && !decls.containsKey( browserDecl.getElement().getModule().getName()+"."+key )){
decls.put(key,browserDecl.getElement() );
if (newPackage){

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