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HTML rendering of tooltips is inconsistent #69

neothemachine opened this Issue · 1 comment

2 participants


First, we have the hlint tooltip:


Then again we have the hlint tooltip but this time when hovered over the side icon:


And then we have the types/haddock tooltip:


There are three things:

  1. The HTML ones are always too wide.
  2. The font sizes of both HTML tooltips don't match.
  3. The font rendering of HTML/non-HTML is different and I absolutely hate that blurry stuff. If this can't be influenced, then please build in an option to have non-HTML tooltips everywhere.


One more funny thing. When I resize the hlint HTML tooltip, it changes the font rendering from smooth to pixel-perfect (how I prefer it and how the rest is displayed)


  1. Reduced the calculated size of the HTML. For some reason we had a minimum size, but it seems to work fine without
  2. Annotation hovers now use the same HTML code as the in text hover
  3. The identifier names use the same font as the rest

(In 2.3.2)

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