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eclipse crashed after I set the path of hoogle #77

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Eclipse lost response after I set hoogle executable path and click "OK". Hoogle works fine in command line. EclipseFP failed to install buildwrapper and scion-browser, the error message is "permission denied". So I use "cabal install buildwrapper" and "cabal install scion-browser" to install them outside of eclipse.
My OS is win7 and Eclipse vesion is indigo.


Anything in the Eclipse log? I can't reproduce issues...
The permission issue is weird. What EclipseFP does is cabal install buildwrapper --user, so maybe your default is to install globally? Or did you try to install globally from EclipseFP and you don't have proper rights?


moshangcheng, please give a try to:

Under Windows 7 EclipseFP raises an error:


permission denied

Possible Workaround (pay attention to changed security settings):

run secpol.msc in console .Under Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options, disable UAC: Detect application installations and prompt for elevation.

("Benutzerkontensteuerung: Anwendungsinstallationen erkennen und erhöhte Rechte anfordern")

Then reboot!

As an alternative You could run Eclipse as an administrator.

I look forward to Your feedback.


Hi, JPMoresmau and hartmut27. Really thank you for your help. My computer encountered some problems, so I reinstalled my system and have to reinstall Eclipse. I'll try to install EclipseFP again and hopefully I can solve this problem.

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