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Quick-fix for missing imports not working when similar name in scope #85

tobbebex opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I got this error in my code:

Not in scope: evalStateT'
Perhaps you meant
execStateT' (imported from Control.Monad.Trans.State.Lazy)

Because of tht "perhaps" phrase, eclipsefp is unable to parse the message and doesnt show the quick-fix to add the missing import.

If the similar name execStateT wasnt imported, this error is shown instead:

Not in scope: `evalStateT'

And now eclipseFP correctly displays a quick-fix to add that import.

At least, the error message parser should be able to handle this to still show the add import quick-fix.
As a bonus, maybe an extra quickfix option to change the selected token to the suggested name could be included as well?


Support for GHC suggestions to fix errors has been added in EclipseFP 2.4.0, but I think it's broken when there's a single quote in the name. I've already fixed that in the dev branch so will be part of the next release.


Indeed, updating to the latest version of eclipsefp fully solved this problem! Thanks!

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