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bscottm commented Nov 11, 2010

No, it wasn't necessary to create a new "WithLoadedFileCommandGroup", since most everything in ScionInstance ensures that the file is loaded.

A bit cleaner than it was.

Scott Michel added some commits Nov 6, 2010
Scott Michel cmdgroups_101105a
Move this code to a new branch.
Scott Michel cmdgroups_101108
More command group hacking by using Job scheduling rules to coordinate
when project and file command groups are allowed to execute.
Scott Michel cmdgroups_101109
Initial cut for Job-based project and file command groups. Project
command groups use a scheduling rule that enforces one Job-per-
project; file command groups use a scheduling rule that enforces
one Job-per-file within the same project.
Scott Michel extdef_101109
External definitions for file URLs: Don't go through all of the extra
machinations of converting the URL to a URI, since that causes issuses
when the file path has spaces in it (URI won't parse). Just convert the
URL's path to a File and see if it exists.

Also, make the file URL in the preference page a proper file URL.
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of into …
Scott Michel cmdgroup_101110
Simplify code more:
(a) Remove redundant reloadFile()'s. This almost completely removes
    the HaskellEditor.synchronize() method, which has been replaced by
    the HaskellEditor.updateOutline() method.
(b) Make editor folding depend on the updated outline, such that folds
    are only updated when the outline is updated.
(c) Found a better way of getting at the editor's IDocument that doesn't
    depend on the source viewer's existence.
(d) Couple more fixes that improve server interaction stability. Most
    notable is when the server dies, make sure that all of the queued
    commands are unblocked from sendCommand().
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