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More interesting template support #15

4 commits merged into from Dec 14, 2010

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bscottm commented Dec 14, 2010

Added more template proposals, including one for import, viz:



import |dropdown|

where the dropdown has all of the current and exposed modules listed. When you normally hit Ctrl+Space for a completion, you will no longer get module names.

Scott Michel added some commits Dec 10, 2010
Scott Michel hscode_121210
- Add more code templates ('do' blocks, 'let' expressions).
- Clean up various code, remove interfaces no longer needed
- Insert some initial support for haddock documentation
   templates (no templates yet, but structure exists to add them.)
Scott Michel hstemplates_101213a
- I12ize the code template descriptions.
- Start hacking in some support for Haddock template completions.
Scott Michel hstemplates_101213b
- Remove the idea of having a separate context for haddock
  documentation. Might revisit this later for templates inside of
  a comment. Right now, just offer completions for Haskell's
  and Haddock's different types of comments.
- Add support for a ${modules} template variable. This will produce
  the list of currently visible and exposed modules. The module list
  won't show up any more as part of the offered completions.
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of 5c4d4a1
This issue was closed.
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