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bscottm commented Dec 31, 2010
  • "Source" menu: Can add various types of Haskell and Haddock comments via accelerator keys, shift left/right are also there. Accelerator keys make adding Haddock documentation reasonably painless. A fairly good exercise to go through if you think we need to add a "Cabal flags" submenu off the "Project" menu so that the user can set/reset flags required for a Cabal build.
  • scion client:
    • Verbosity is now an option (less chatty, unless you want to watch every server interaction)
    • Added a couple of new commands "token-preceding" and "token-at-point" that help completion processing.
  • completion processor: 'import' completions now only offer module names, ordinary completions offer all defined names. Work-in-progress: constructor ids should be offered after "::" and "->".
  • Bumped scion version number.
  • Updated release notes.
  • Updated my e-mail address to use the forwarder, not my address.
Scott Michel added some commits Dec 10, 2010
Scott Michel If the packages database or the component list are null, force a project
rebuild to attempt to initialize them.
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of git:// b8a56d3
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of a26fe27
Scott Michel Merge local Mac hacking. 726c35c
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of e13cca7
Scott Michel hstemplates_101223
Local mods that needed to be checked into git.
Scott Michel Merge branch 'master' of 7f0322a
Scott Michel haddockMenu_101227c
More hacking.
Scott Michel sourcemenu_101228a
More hacking on the "Source" menu, turning the Haddock
documentation actions and commands into TextOperationActions.
This makes them a little less hacky.
Scott Michel sourcemenu_101228b
Add pragma comments.
Scott Michel completions_101228a
Initial progress on making code completions more context sensitive.
This currently works for the "import" keyword, mostly -- evidently
the Eclipse content completion gets re-triggered if the user keeps
Scott Michel import_completions_101228a
The Haskell content assist processor is context sensitive, providing
completions based on where the editor's point lies. The 'import'
statement will now offer completions that are drawn from the
module graph and exposed modules list. The completion proposal
matching is also case insensitive, allowing for lazy typing.
Scott Michel cleanups_101228
- A cleanup in adding following haddock documentation (extra initial space)
- Add new predicate to set up for type signature completions...
Scott Michel server_verbosity
Hack in support for making scion-server less verbose, unless requested.
Scott Michel server_verbosity_2
Ensure that all of my files get committed...
Scott Michel server_verbosity_

Add a Scion client-specific boolean preference/property that
controls scion-server verbosity -- ordinary users are not likely
to want to see all of the EclipseFP-scion message interactions.
The preference is intially set to false. This can be changed via
the Scion and Cabal preference page.
Scott Michel scion_0_1_0_8
Bump scion-server version number.
Scott Michel token_at_point 80bbdae
Scott Michel scion_manager_101230
Clean up the preference change logic so that the scion server
doesn't get repeatedly restarted if all that changed was the
verbose interaction flag.
Scott Michel update_email
Update e-mail address to use my generic
Scott Michel interim_101230
Started work on constructor identifier completions. Not complete,
interim checkin (plugin will still run).
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