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This request comprises the following changes:

  • Test-framework test running integration
  • Refactoring when moving or renaming modules
  • Changes to the Cabal editor, mainly visual but also in the inside for tests
  • Running SourceGraph directly from a project
  • Profiling an executable + .hp file editor
  • Automatic calling of "hoogle data" when EclipseFP starts and hasn't been called before I've also added documentation of these changes and the previous ones into the "doc" plug-in.
serras added some commits Jun 29, 2011
@serras serras Added new version of scion-browser with Windows compatibility af91900
@serras serras Now the expression being evaluated is highlighted, not the entire line. a5b8821
@serras serras Added test-framework plug-in. Added test-suites to Cabal editor. 156f799
@serras serras Deleted test-framework plug-in (it will be integrated in Debug plug-in).
Created launchers for test-suites. Created skeletons for test-suite
@serras serras Do not change "other-modules" field in Cabal editor. 13f2979
@serras serras Make test-suites work. 740acd8
@serras serras Attempt to filter some lines of GHCi output. a63f23b
@serras serras Console trackers cannot modify console output :(
Make JUnit window appear automatically after running tests.
@serras serras Create refactor plug-in. 9f30000
@serras serras Fix bug about marking as dirty a Cabal file with no changes. 0830cdd
@serras serras Finally found how to hook into renaming operations. Moved new
refactoring code to UI plug-in.
@serras serras Create first steps of renaming refactoring. 0a60561
@serras serras Fix bug running HLint on renamed files. 895680b
@serras serras Rename refactoring now works :) 2c5cb63
@serras serras Add move refactoring functionality. c08ba2e
@serras serras Copy participant finished. Start folder renaming. 674549f
@serras serras Finish folder move and rename participants. 965ce1c
@serras serras Create profiler plug-in skeleton. e57789b
@serras serras Created profiling output parser. cd7f27f
@serras serras Add derived parser files. d7924ec
@serras serras Created UI-related functionality. Implemented .hp elements sorting. 5c688d9
@serras serras Mostly finished profiling ouput viewer. f11626c
@serras serras Add save and configuration options to profile viewer. 0ad08af
@serras serras Change viewer to a form-like one. Move messages to UITexts. cfd9109
@serras serras Created launcher for running executables with profiling. 1cd716f
@serras serras Make profiling info show after process has finished. 3d1da8f
@serras serras Add support for moving files between projects. 09745f6
@serras serras Make .hp files appear after running executable in profile mode. 8f2c6f3
@serras serras Add SourceGraph support. ae52da5
@serras serras Beutify XML output from JUnit. a8f611c
@serras serras Remove class name from test cases in test-framework tests. de33918
@serras serras Remove test-framework output beautifier.
Similar code to do that is going to be contributed directly to
test-framework code.
@serras serras Add "other-modules" editor for Cabal libraries. 6bcc278
@serras serras Work on executables on Cabal editor. ffc0d93
@serras serras Overall changes to Cabal editor stetic part. 0f7a03e
@serras serras Beginning of new editor for test suites. 3383bec
@serras serras Added ability to change test type in Cabal editor. 5413237
@serras serras Allow creation of different types of test suites. 8c14964
@serras serras Small fixing for the "uses-test-framework" property 83782da
@serras serras Remove test suite beautifier. Bump neccessary JUnit version to 3.7. 179953d
@serras serras Improvements in Hoogle integration.
- Check if hoogle data is present when running.
- Use new scion-browser version which corrects some bugs regarding
Hoogle searches.
@serras serras Changes to show JUnit output in versions < 3.7. a457acb
@serras serras Remove some binaries. 450ad1a
@serras serras Documentation updated. c3f0e4d
@JPMoresmau JPMoresmau merged commit 7ffe905 into JPMoresmau:master Aug 2, 2011

It'd be helpful to know when you add dependencies, otherwise it turns into hell for other developers. I see JDOM is included, but did we really need it? Anyway, that's easy to get to work. However, I see now dependencies on BIRT, which were not part of the original dependencies.

  1. What version of BIRT does that require? What's the minimum to install? How?
  2. How will it work if BIRT is not installed? Will it automatically install BIRT when we install EclipseFP? Can we give the user the option? If he's not interested in the profiler, he probably doesn't need to install the whole BIRT shebang.



Sorry for that, I didn't know where to document the extra dependencies :(
About BIRT, a working copy of BIRT Chart Engine 3.x is needed. When using the update site, the Chart Engine (I've taken care of not asking for the entire BIRT, but just a small module) will be automatically downloaded, so the user won't notice nothing special. The EclipseFP developers, however, will need to download the BIRT Chart Engine themselves if they haven't installed EclipseFP beforehand.
I don't know if that is the best arrangement. I can try to make the profiler more independent of the rest of the plug-in, but I don't think that will benefit users, because they would prefer a all-in-one install, instead of having to install different plug-ins by hand.

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