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This commit add autocompletion support, impreved quick assist and support for Alex, Happy, UUAGC files and Snap and Yesod frameworks.
Web Tools Platform for Eclipse is now needed to build EclipseFP. I've added the update site and more information on building in

serras added some commits Aug 9, 2011
@serras serras Start working on Alex source editor. 800bd80
@serras serras Finished Alex scanner without Haskell parts. d61c6c1
@serras serras Finished work on Alex editor.
- Syntax highlighting for Haskell parts of Alex source
- Moved some commonalities to superclasses
@serras serras Added Happy parsers editor. 14d3c6d
@serras serras Change colors to make them more similar to Haskell editor. a3c6ef2
@serras serras Create initial UUAGC file editor skeleton.
- Move some common functions to superclasses.
@serras serras Finished UUAGC editor. 8aa7bae
@serras serras Add some keywords I forgot. b99400f
@serras serras Create 'new file' wizards for Alex, Happy and UUAGC. b85ee2f
@serras serras Better icons for alex, happy, uuagc. 497532d
@serras serras Add new Snap project wizard. 8c6a05b
@serras serras Start working on new Yesod project wizard. 3c65988
@serras serras Make Yesod initialization work. c424aac
@serras serras Several web-related editor changes:
- Enhaced error messages when Yesod or Snap do not work correctly at
project creation time
- Make Heist, Hamlet, Julius and Lucius templates use the WTP editors
for better higlighting => added a dependency of Web Tools Project
@serras serras Initial module import completion. 6951ca4
@serras serras Work on autocompletion on variables. b88a966
@serras serras Work on completion on types and local files. dfcd1f5
@serras serras Work on completion on imports list. 74f37ce
@serras serras Fix imports parser. bac6153
@serras serras Support for vertical ruler quick diff.
- Link BuilderManagerResolution to quick diff in plugin.xml
- Created MarkerResolution wrapper for adding new package
@serras serras Create infraestructure for finding not in scope identifiers. a56ce55
@serras serras Finish work on "imports" quick assist. 7eb4463
@serras serras Add skeleton of Happy and Alex builders. a73b5ab
@serras serras Add Alex builder. be9908d
@serras serras Small fixes to Alex builder. 7eadfe6
@serras serras Add Happy builder. 0a7deed
@serras serras Use module wizard-like wizards for new Alex and Happy files. 578b512
@serras serras Fix bug when converting tabs to spaces. 24a4638
@serras serras Create skeleton of UUAGC Options editor. b6fa6ff
@serras serras UUAGC Options editor finished. 3f07455
@serras serras Added new UUAGC creation wizard. 35eb48a
@serras serras Fix bug when saving an newly-created UUAGC options file. 12c457e
@serras serras Created UUAGC builder.
- Moved the "partitioned" plug-in inside the core one.
@serras serras Fix bug on uuagc_options parser. 143b5e4
@serras serras Add option for creating Haskell-syntax UUAG files. 38d2dbe
@serras serras Fix bug on imports parser which disabled some kinds of autocompletion. 204a358
@serras serras Update scion-browser zip package. 6061a6e
@JPMoresmau JPMoresmau merged commit 6061a6e into JPMoresmau:master Aug 23, 2011
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