ScionPP preference page updates, address editorSaved() thead hang #8

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bscottm commented Oct 29, 2010

  • ScionPP allows the user to choose between the stdstream and network flavors of server connection.
  • Work hard to ensure that synchronize() is always called in the UI thread when it's not clear that we're in the UI thread.

Scott Michel added some commits Oct 28, 2010

- Unbreak network-based scion-server.
- Allow user to choose the server flavor (stdstream vs. network)
  from the preference page.
FIXME: Need to rely less on preference change detection when
preferences are changed, simplifies interaction with starting and
stopping servers.
ScionPP dialog calls ScionManager directly, so that
ScionManager can figure out what should be done with the
new Scion/Cabal preferences. Given the choices between
use built-in, server flavor, etc., preference listeners are not

If we were doing this the Eclipse way, we'd generate an event.
That's probably complete overkill.

Make logging a little less verbose; we were logging messages
sent to the scion-server twice.
Ensure that the synchronize() method is always called in the UI thread.
Use SafeRunner when firing off ScionInstance event notifications,
to prevent unusual exception propagation.

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