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HS_FLAGS = -hidir products/ \
-odir products/ \
-isrc/:products \
-Wall \
-fno-warn-type-defaults \
--make src/Main.hs \
-o products/roguestar-engine
default : roguestar-engine
update :
darcs pull --all
install :
install products/roguestar-engine /usr/local/bin/
clean :
-rm -f products/*.o 2> /dev/null
-rm -f products/*.hi 2> /dev/null
-rm -f products/roguestar-engine 2> /dev/null
roguestar-engine :
@echo "warning: you're building with development flags on (-Werror, no optimization)"
@echo " did you want to 'make release' ?"
ghc-6.8.2 -Werror ${HS_FLAGS} -prof -auto-all
release :
ghc -O2 ${HS_FLAGS}
darcs dist
.PHONY : default clean ghc ghc-release dist headache headache-remove release
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