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@echo "See README."
(cd rsagl-math && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl-frp && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl-demos && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-engine && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-gl && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-glut && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-gtk && cabal clean ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar && cabal clean ${OPTS})
rm -rf roguestar-sdist
(cd rsagl-math && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl-frp && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl-demos && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-engine && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-gl && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-glut && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-gtk && cabal configure ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar && cabal configure ${OPTS})
install: roguestar roguestar-gtk roguestar-glut roguestar-engine rsagl-demos
(cd rsagl-math && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
rsagl-frp: rsagl-math
(cd rsagl-frp && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
rsagl: rsagl-frp rsagl-math
(cd rsagl && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
rsagl-demos: rsagl
(cd rsagl-demos && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-engine && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
roguestar-gl: rsagl
(cd roguestar-gl && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
roguestar-glut: roguestar-gl
(cd roguestar-glut && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
roguestar-gtk: roguestar-gl
(cd roguestar-gtk && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar && cabal install --reinstall ${OPTS})
${MAKE} install -e "OPTS=${CONFIG_OPTS}"
${MAKE} install -e "OPTS=${CONFIG_OPTS} --enable-library-profiling --enable-executable-profiling"
(cd rsagl-math && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl-frp && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd rsagl-demos && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-engine && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-gl && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-glut && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar-gtk && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
(cd roguestar && cabal check && cabal sdist ${OPTS})
mkdir -p ./roguestar-sdist
cp rsagl-math/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp rsagl-frp/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp rsagl/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp rsagl-demos/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp roguestar-engine/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp roguestar-gl/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp roguestar-glut/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp roguestar-gtk/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
cp roguestar/dist/*.tar.gz ./roguestar-sdist
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf roguestar-engine-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf roguestar-gl-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf roguestar-glut-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf roguestar-gtk-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf roguestar-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf rsagl-math-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf rsagl-frp-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf rsagl-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist && tar xzf rsagl-demos-${VERSION}.tar.gz)
(cd roguestar-sdist/roguestar-engine-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/rsagl-math-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/rsagl-frp-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/rsagl-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/rsagl-demos-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/roguestar-gl-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/roguestar-glut-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/roguestar-gtk-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
(cd roguestar-sdist/roguestar-${VERSION} && cabal configure && cabal install)
ls roguestar-sdist
.PHONY: rsagl-math rsagl-frp rsagl rsagl-demos roguestar-engine roguestar-gl roguestar-glut roguestar-gtk roguestar config
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