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.PHONY: default clean install-lib install-deps setup test
default: all
all: build
# Make sure we know the absolute path of the current directory.
TOP := $(shell pwd)
# If not set in custom, use the default versions
HC ?= ghc
PKG ?= ghc-pkg
HADDOCK ?= haddock
CABAL ?= cabal
DIST ?= $(TOP)/dist
DIST_LIB = $(DIST)/lib
DIST_SERVER = $(DIST)/server
SETUP_DIST = $(DIST)/setup
# Use this directory for testing from-scratch builds. (TODO)
DIST_SCRATCH = $(DIST)/scratch
CABAL_INSTALL_OPTS += --ghc --with-compiler=$(HC) --with-hc-pkg=$(PKG)
# -ftesting
$(DIST)/setup-config: $(SETUP) scion.cabal $(DIST)
$(SETUP) configure -v --builddir=$(DIST) \
--with-compiler=$(HC) --with-hc-pkg=$(PKG) \
--user $(CABAL_FLAGS) > $(DIST)/lib-config-log
$(DIST)/build/libHSscion-0.1.a: $(SETUP) $(DIST)/setup-config $(wildcard lib/**/*.hs lib/**/**/*.hs server/**/*.hs)
@echo === Building scion ===
$(SETUP) build --builddir=$(DIST)
mkdir -p $@
$(SETUP): Setup.hs $(SETUP_DIST)
$(HC) --make $< -o $@
mkdir -p $@
setup: $(SETUP)
build: $(DIST)/build/libHSscion-0.1.a
# TODO: dodgy
install: $(DIST)/build/libHSscion-0.1.a
$(CABAL) install
# test: build
# echo main | $(HC) --interactive -package ghc -DDEBUG -isrc -idist/build tests/RunTests.hs
# # ./dist/build/test_get_imports/test_get_imports $(GHC_PATH)/compiler dist-stage2 +RTS -s -RTS
$(SETUP) clean --builddir=$(DIST) || rm -rf $(DIST)
distclean: clean
rm -rf $(SETUP_DIST)
# doc: configure
# $(SETUP) haddock --with-haddock=$(HADDOCK)
@echo "UseInplaceGhc = $(UseInplaceGhc)"
@echo "GHC_PATH = $(GHC_PATH)"
@echo "HC = $(HC)"
@echo "PKG = $(PKG)"
@echo "HADDOCK = $(HADDOCK)"
@echo "DIST = $(DIST)"
@echo "TOP = $(TOP)"