Simulation Code and Selected Output for the 2PL Study
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FAQs - IMPS.pdf
Validity of IRT.R


Simulation Code and Selected Output for the 2PL Study

There are several changes made to the posted simulation code that were not in the original simulation (see, Validity of IRT.R). These changes do not affect the output one would have received:

  1. Lines of code that export output (ex., 'write.table()') were erased to preserve parsimony in the script.
  2. Spearman's Rank Order Correlations were not calculated in this initial script and, instead, were calculated using the raw rank scores which are generated in the simulation script. Please send a request to the author for the Spearman Rank Order script.

Many plots generated from the current simulation require a rather elaborate file system. These R-scripts will be shared upon request.

Contact the author here: E-mail: Web: