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A while ago I went to recieve some classes to annother country lucky for me, I already had my duck! Often in my trip I found myself near unlocked computers which I could dump lssas or backdoor depending the case, for this I started doing a whole bunch of different payloads and scripts to pwn all of these computers!

Sadly for me, since I wasnt using my own computer at the time (for security) I erased the whole account on the system except for my backed up source files.. or so I thought! I had mistakenly backed up only the inject.bin files and all of my thousands of lines of source code were gone now! I thought, if I just keep the .bins classified I could still reuse them to pwn computers until, a Win 8 computer comes up aviable to hack and none of my scripts work!

This project was the result of having to figure out what was inside all of those inject.bin files that I had saved over time for on-the-fly payload changing. This script solved my problem of often losing or accidentaly deleting the source code files of all my hacks.

How to use it

The project was made using python 2.7.3, to run it you can do:

 python <display | decode> /path/to/inject.bin

Run it without arguments to display the help menu. The program currently has two modes, to explain them better lets say I encode this payload:

 DELAY 500
 STRING Hello!!
 STRING This is a test!!

The display mode is intended to show you what would the code look like once it was typed by the duck, deleting when backspace and not showing delays. Runing display /path/to/inject.bin will output this:

 This is a test!!

The decode mode is intended to output the text in Duck-ready format for revision or reuse in other scripts. Runing decode /path/to/inject.bin will output this:

 DELAY 500

 STRING Hello!!
 STRING This is a test!!

Want support for a different keyboard?

The program finds the position of the duck hex code and translates it by finding its mirror position in another list with the letters. To submint a keyboard mapping, make two lists pressing the keys in this order:

![keyboard_mapping] ( { width: 400px; }

The lists should look like this, one for shift and one for plain characters:

 Letters = ["a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","l","m","n","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","w","x","y","z"etc..]
 CapLetters = ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z"etc..]


Python script that decodes inject.bin files for the hak5 USB rubber Duck.







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