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Group Message Forward Framework (supports QQ Telegram Line Discord)


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shields License: MIT Telegram support group Telegram developer group

UnifiedMessageRelay is a framework for the purpose of bringing messages from different chat platform together. With UnifiedMessageRelay, user no longer need to view messages on different platform, or different groups. UnifiedMessageRelay brings powerful message forwarding functionality and flexible plugin API to meet your custom need. A driver API specification is also provided, so one can compose their own backend driver, and the framework will load and utilize the driver automatically.


Telegram <-> QQ:



Telegram <-> Discord:



All four platforms: QQ, Telegram, Line and Discord can forward between each other directly.

Supported platforms



  • Forward text and image between all supported platforms
  • Image is converted to supported format automatically
  • Reply is preserved with best effort
  • Markdown format is preserved for supported platforms
  • Command API for customize triggers
  • Message Hook API for even more customized needs

Limited support for Coolq Air. image sending is available for Coolq Pro.


Framework Setup

Install python dependencies on host os

Make sure Python 3.7+ and pip are installed. Run:

pip3 install unified-message-relay


To install every python module in one line:

pip3 install -U umr_telegram_driver umr_line_driver umr_discord_driver umr_coolq_driver umr_mirai_driver umr_extensions_demo

Install other required package on host os

apt install libcairo2 ffmpeg libmagickwand-dev


Create ~/.umr/

mkdir ~/.umr

Copy config.yaml to ~/.umr

Why yaml instead of json?

Full Example config

The "QQ", "Telegram" or "Line" above are all custom names. Real bot driver should be configure throgh "Driver" list.

Follow the guide for your platform






Start the bot

Viewing CLI Help

unified_message_relay -h

Background process

  • Start background service
unified_message_relay start


unified-message-relay restart

By default, log will be stored in /var/log/umr/bot.log, and cache will be cleared out upon start.

  • Stop the background service
unified_message_relay stop

Foreground process (for debugging purpose)

If you need to see the log output for debugging purpose, stop the running daemon first. Then follow this command.

Remember to enable debug option in config.

unified_message_relay run

Hit Ctrl + C to stop.

Extensions and Commands

Example extensions and commands now require extension umr-extensions-demo:

pip install umr-extensions-demo

and put - umr_extensions_demo under Extensions section of config.yaml.

Available commands


Send !!help to show available commands.

This command requires no extra module.

Show chat id

Send !!id anywhere to see chat id.

Reply message with !!id to reveal source chat id.

This command requires under umr_extension_demo.

Delete QQ Message

Reply to the message you want to delete with !!del

This command requires under umr_extension_demo and using coolq driver. Mirai recall is not supported at this time.

Add telegram blocked keyword

Message containing these keyword will not be forwarded to any other chat

Send !!bk and keywords separated by space

This command requires under umr_extension_demo and using telegram driver.

Add telegram blocked channel

Message originated from these channel will not be forwarded to any other chat

Reply forwarded channel message with !!bc

This command requires under umr_extension_demo and using telegram driver.

To modify saved keywords and channels, edit ExtensionConfig section in config.yaml.

Available Extensions

Comment filter

Add // at the beginning of the message to avoid forwarding to any other chat.

Issue Format

Check these before opening an issue

  1. Use unified-message-relay run to print log to stdout
  2. Check if you are using Python 3.7+
  3. Check if binary dependencies are installed (search apt in this page)
  4. (If using Coolq) Check if cq-http-api is enabled in Coolq
  5. Check if the log suggests any missing configuration
  6. Check if you are on Dev branch, please switch back to master (dev may be unstable)

Issues must provide

  1. Descriptions about the issue
  2. Logs of python3 run (Desensitization)
  3. Steps to reproduce