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Tank Game on Xbox 360 made with LibXenon

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This is going to get flushed out more.

For now, i decided to work on creating an engine / game from scratch made in and from libxenon and lzx.

Thanks to libxenon team.
Thanks to Ced2911, Cancerous, Tuxuser for Libxenon / LZX / Encouragement
Thanks to Blackwolf for the upcoming music
Thanks to Mattie for the idea

Thanks to STK50 for all you have done. Hope one day to work with you again.

NOTE: I made a minor modification to LibXenon to make this work. I added a time() function to Libxenon\Drivers\Time\Time.h

extern int time();

and in libxenon\drivers\time\time.c

int time() {
  return (int)mftb();

This is to seed the random number generator.

This is still very basic much more to come.
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