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@ankostis ankostis released this Sep 1, 2018 · 619 commits to master since this release


1st public CO2MPAS release following version 1.7.4.post4

  • This is the 1st CO2MPAS release of 2.0.X series. This series incorporates the amendments introduced by regulation (EU) 2017/1153 & regulation (EU) 2017/1152, along with any fixes on the software mandated by its use.

  • CO2MPAS series 2.0.X becomes available on 1 September 2018 with this release, for trial

    During the first 3 weeks of September (1st to 23rd of September 2018), users are invited to validate this new release (initially with test-dices), and report any bugs, or questions preferably in the GIThub platform. For confidential issues, use the dev-team's CO2MPAS mailbox (

  • CO2MPAS series 2.0.X shall be considered official as of 24 September 2018, but the previous official versions may continue to be used until 15 November 2018.
    From that date and on, only versions 2.0.X shall be used.
    This new release shall not affect the validity of the results provided by the previous releases.

For the exact details regarding the application of the new releases, read latest CLIMA's note on the subject:


This time, the ALLINONE is distributed in two ways:, either as the usual AllInOne archive or as an Upgrade Pack:

1. AllInOne archive

The installations instructions for the AllInOne remain the same:

  1. Download and extract the archive co2mpas_AIO- (direct download)
    attached at the top of this page (

  2. Optionally execute [ΑΙΟ]/INSTALL.vbs to add items into your Windows Start Menu;

  3. Transfer from the old AIO:

    • the configurations,
    • your keys, and
    • optionally your dice-projects,

    according to the instructions at the CO2MPAS wiki and the "key provisioning" material that have been distributed to all designated users .

2. UpgradePack

The UpgradePack(UP) can upgrade an existing AIO-1.7.3 so
you don't have to transfer your configurations, keys & projects.

ATTENTION: once upgraded, you cannot downgrade an AIO!
If you still want to run the old version of co2mpas, create a copy of your existing AIO and apply the UP on that clone.

To upgrade:

  1. Download into the HOME folder of your existing AIO the script-file (direct download)
    attached at the top of this page (

  2. Launch CO2MPAS console and open a bash ("brown") tab: File --> New Tab --> bash, or simply press [Ctrl+F2].

  3. Execute the downloaded script with this command:

  4. Wait ~20 minutes to upgrade..

In both cases, validate the installation with these 2 commands:

co2mpas -vV
co2dice config paths

Important Changes since 1.7.4 release

We kindly invite you to read the Release Notes and Known Limitations in detail - highlights are listed below.

  • CHANGE: Changed vehicle_family_id format (but old format is still supported):

      OLD: FT-TA-WMI-yyyy-nnnn
      NEW: FT-nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-WMI-x
  • CHANGE: The co2mpas python package is now splitted into 4 python packages: co2sim, co2dice, co2gui, co2mpas. In practice this means that you can still receive bug-fixes and new features for the DICE or the GUI, while keeping the simulation-model (co2sim) intact. For instance, to update all co2mpas packages now you would type this command: pip install -U co2sim co2dice co2gui co2mpas.


  • feat(core): Improve calibration performances 60%.
  • feat(manual): Add a manual prediction model according GTR.
  • feat(gearbox): Add utility to design gearbox ratios if they cannot be identified
    based on maximum_velocity and maximum_vehicle_laden_mass.
    This is not affecting the TA mode.
  • fix(vehicle): Default n_dyno_axes as function of
    n_wheel_drive for wltp (4wd-->2d, 2wd-->1d).
    • If nothing is specified, default values now are:
      n_dyno_axes = 1
      n_wheel_drive = 2
    • If only n_wheel_drive is selected, then the default for n_dyno_axes is calculated as function of n_wheel_drive for wltp (4wd-->2d, 2wd-->1d).
    • If only n_dyno_axes is selected, then n_wheel_drive defaults to 2.
  • fix(vva): Remove _check_vva; engine_has_variable_valve_actuation = True and ignition_type = compression' is permitted.
  • fix(start_stop): Disable start_stop_activation_time when has_start_stop == True.
  • fix(ta): Disable function define_idle_fuel_consumption_model
    and default_start_stop_activation_time.
  • fix(electrics): Improve calculation of state of charges.
  • fix(at): Correct correct_gear_full_load method using the best gear
    instead of the minimum when there is not sufficient power.

Known Limitations for Model

  • Reproducibility has been greatly enhanced, with quasi-identical results
    in different platforms (linux/Windows).

IO Data

  • BREAK: Bumped input-file version from 2.2.7 --> 2.3.0. And
    improved file-version comparison (Semantic Versioning)
  • FEAT: Input-template provide separate H/L fields for both ki multiplicative and Ki additive parameters.
  • FEAT: Add additional sheets for meta data (aka extra data):.
    As for September 2018, the user can voluntarily add data related to the all WLTP tests held for
    a specific Interpolation Family ID. Since this addition is optional, the sheets are colored orange.
  • FEAT(co2_emissions): Add engine_n_cylinders as input value and a TA parameter.
  • CHANGE: Rename ki_factor to ki_multiplicative and add
    ki_additive value.
  • change: The parameter "Vehicle Family ID" has been renamed to "Interpolation Family ID" to some places.
  • feat(ta): Running CO2MPAS in TA mode produces an extra .tar file to be used in the feature version of DICE.


  • FEAT: Added a new "Stamp" button on the GUI, which stamps with WebStamper
    in the background in one step; internally the button invokes the new co2dice dicer command
    which function as a sequencer for dicing new or existing projects
    through WebStamper, in a single run:

    co2dice dicer -i co2mpas_demo-1.xlsx -o O/20180812_213917-co2mpas_demo-1.xlsx

    NOTE that the GUI-button (and the underlying co2dice dicer command)
    work only with pre-production WebStamper.
    The URL of the server will be distributed with emails, not to expose it to DOS attacks.

  • FEAT: The commands co2dice dicer|init|append|report|recv|parse and
    co2dice tstamp wstamp, support one or more --write-file <path>/-W options,
    to and every time they run, they can append or overwrite into all given <path>
    these 3 items as they are generated/received:

    1. :term:Dice report;
    2. :term:Stamp (or any errors received from :term:WebStamper;
    3. :term:Decision.

    By default, one <path> is always ~/.co2dice/reports.txt, so this becomes
    the de-facto "keeper" of all reports exchanged.

    The pre-stamper now supports uploading files (instead of copy-pasting text).

  • drop: deprecate all email-stamper commands; few new enhancements were applied
    on them.

Known Limitations for dice

  • Fixed known limitation of 1.7.3 (:gh:448) of importing stamps from an older
    duplicate dice.
  • It is not possible to --recertify from nedc state
    (when mored files have been appended after stamping).
  • There is still no high level command to view Stamps (see low-level command
    in the old known limitation item).
    But :term:stamp\s received are now save in :file:~/.co2dice/reports.txt
    (along with :term:dice\s and :term:decision\s).
  • The decision-number generated still never includes the numbers 10, 20, …90.
  • All previous known limitations regarding :term:mail-stamper still apply.
    But these commands are now deprecated.


  • FIX: Support pip >= 10+ (fixes #26).
  • Pinned versions of dependencies affecting the accuracy of the
    calculations, to achieve stronger reproducibility; these dependent
    libraries are shipped with AIO (see 427).
  • Accurate versioning of project with polyvers utility.
  • feat: provide a docker script, ensuring correct numpy-base+MKL
    installed in conda requirements.
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