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--((this page has the AIO- for 1.7.x: co2mpas_AIO- ))-


CO2MPAS-model changes

CO2DICE connectivity & usability enhancements

• (replaces the retracted AIO-1.6.1 "T-bone" release)

Please report any bugs or questions preferably in the GIThub platform, and for confidential issues,
use the dev-team's CO2MPAS mailbox (JRC-CO2MPAS@ec.europa.eu).


The installations instructions for the AllInOne remain the same:

Important Changes

We kindly invite you to read the Release Notes and Known Limitations in detail - highlights are listed below.


  • Speed-up prediction phase.
  • Resolved instability problems(small changes in bag input-values were leading
    to disproportional changes in NEDC prediction).
  • Thermal model: Add a filter to remove invalid temperature derivatives
    (i.e. abs(DT) >= 0.7) during the cold phase.
  • Clutch model: Some extra RPM (peaks) have been verified before the engine’s stops.
    This problem has been resolved filtering out clutch_delta > 0 when acc < 0 and
    adding a features selection in the calibration of the model.
  • Engine model: The auxiliaries_torque_losses are function of engine_capacity.
  • Consumption/emissions model:
    • Implement a fuzzy rescaling function to improve the stability of the model when rounding
      the WLTP bag values.
    • bugfix: in tau_function when a hot cycle is given.
    • Set co2_params limits to avoid unfeasible results.
    • Rewrite of calibrate_co2_params function to reuse the identified_co2_params on each pertubation.
    • Set gearbox, torque, and power losses parameters to optimum values based on fleet data.
  • Known Limitations:
    • Minor differeces have been observed occasionally when model runs on different computers
      (in the order of the 10th decimal digit).


  • Introduce a 2nd type of report, "decision-report", containing HASH-#2 of the regulation, that needs to be communicated to the TAA (HASH-#1 is contained in the dice-report).
    The new report gets produced on the last step of the dicing by the project trecv/tparse sub-commands;
    you may review it later by using project report sub-command.
    You may distinguish the new by its sequence-number which it is usually /1 (dice-report is /0), like this:

     object 4b444d951ecb56c462cb7d3bf1b2529fb642c7ea
     type commit
     tag dices/IP-10-AAA-2017-4321/1

    A TAA can unequivocally identify a certification-process if the TS sends the following (hand-edited) text:

     dices/IP-10-AAA-2017-4321/1: 4b444d951ecb56c462cb7d3bf1b2529fb642c7ea

    (edit: 4-Oct-2017)

  • For other changes, please read the guidelines provided on how to use the Dice;

  • For the list of changes and new features, read the Release Notes: https://co2mpas.io/changes.html#the-dice

  • Known Limitations:

    • Microsoft Outlook Servers are known to corrupt the dice-emails; depending
      on the version and the configurations, most of the times they can be fixed.
      If not, as a last resort, another email-account may be used.

      A permanent solution to the problem will be provided when the
      the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol is implemented in co2mpas.

    • On Yahoo servers, the TstampReceiver.subject_prefix param must not
      contain any brackets ([]). The are included by default, so you have to
      modify that in your configs.

    • Using GMail accounts to send Dice may not(!) receive the reply-back "Proof of
      Posting" reply (or it may delay up to days). Please perform tests to discover that,
      and use another email-provided if that's the case.

      Additionally, Google's security provisions for some countries may be too
      strict to allow SMTP/IMAP access. In all cases, you need to enable allow
      less secure apps to
      access your account.

    • Some combinations of outbound & inbound accounts for dice reports and timsestamps
      may not work due to DMARC restrictions.
      JRC will offer more alternative "paths" for running Dices. All major providers
      (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) will not allow your dice-report to be stamped and forwarded
      to TstampSender.stamp_recipients other than the Comission; you may (or may not)
      receive "bounce" emails explaining that.

    • There is no high level command to view the stamp for some project;
      Assuming your project is in sample or nosample state, use this cmd:

      cat %HOME%/.co2dice/repo/tstamp.txt

IO & Data:

  • bugfix: excel validation formulas on input-template & demos did not accept vehicle-family-id with single-digit TA-ids.
  • output template:: add co2_rescaling_scores and cycle scores .
  • summary file: add co2_rescaling_scores and model scores.
  • Disable input-file caching by default (renamed option --override-cache --> --use-cache.
  • Datasync:
    • bugfix: stop producing 0 values in the first and/or in the last cells.
      This has been fixed extending the given signal with the first and last values.
    • bugfix: remove buggy interpolation methods.
  • Known Limitations:
    The co2mpas modelgraph command cannot plot flow-diagrams if Internet Explorer (IE)
    is the default browser. Copy the URL and paste it in another browser to visualize the diagrams.

GUI & console

  • feature: co2gui command does not block, and stores logs in temporary-file. It launches this file in a text-editor in case of failures.
  • feature: Set initial window-size for GUI & console not larger than a low-end laptop.;
    remember them afterwards (stored in persistent JSON file).


  • Detect 32bit Windows early, and notify user with an error-popup.
  • Possible to extract AIO-archive into a path with SPACES (but not recommended).
  • Switched POSIX layer from Cygwin –> MSYS2, for having better support in Windows paths, and
    using the pacman package manager.
    Archive's size increased from ~350MB –> ~450MB.

Kindest Regards,