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Patch of CO2MPAS Executable 4.1.8

A new executable file (version 4.1.10) has been developed in order to solve certain issues reported regarding the 4.1.8 version.

Fixes have been implemented regarding:

  • input template
  • Graphical User Interface

All official users already working with version 4.1.8 are required to update their working version to 4.1.10 by
uninstalling v4.1.8 and installing v4.1.10

To uninstalling CO2MPAS version 4.1.X, double click the Uninstall-co2mpas-4.1.X.exe (located in the path where the software was initially installed), then follow the steps until the end.

The release note of version 4.1.8 still applies.

3rd public CO2MPAS release following version 3.0.0

  • CO2MPAS 4.1.X becomes OFFICIAL on November 1st, 2019.

  • There will be an overlapping period with the previous official CO2MPAS version 3.0.0 of two months (version 4.1.X becomes the only official one as of January 1st, 2020).

  • This release incorporates the latest amendments of regulations 2017/1153/EU and 2017/1152/EU of October 2019.

  • The previous Input File versions are no longer compatible with the current (4.1.X) Type Approval mode (TA).

  • This release introduces a beta version of the hybrids simulation module. CO2MPAS must be used in TA mode for official type-approval and the submission to DICE is mandatory. Please refer to the latest amendments to the regulations for additional details.


Two installation procedures can be followed:

Official (for type approval)
Ordinary (for developers and/or researchers)

Important Changes

The main changes made in this release are reported in the changelog.

  • Executable hash number:
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