CO2MPAS user guidelines

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This page contains user guidelines intended for first users of CO2MPAS. It contains the explanations and definitions required to understand how to use the model, understand its needs, and analyse its outputs. These guidelines are particularly written for users without specific IT knowledge. For a comprehensive explanation of the model refer to the CO2MPAS site.

Furthermore, the document contains a glossary with the definitions of the variables used in CO2MPAS.

Index of the user guidelines

1. Aim of the CO2MPAS model.
2. Downloading and installing the software.
3. My first CO2MPAS run.

  1. Getting the demo files.
  2. CO2MPAS running modes: type approval and engineering.
  3. Running the CO2MPAS model.

4. Exploring the output of the model.

  1. The output file.
  2. The batch summary file.

5. Introducing a new vehicle.

6. CO2MPAS model flags.

  1. Getting only the summary file.
  2. The schema. What it is and how to by-pass it.
  3. The workflow. How to print and explore it.
  4. Crafting a personalised output file.
  5. Getting additional information regarding the CO2MPAS run.

7. Aligning time series, the datasync tool.
8. The DICE.
9. Updating CO2MPAS.
10. Reporting bugs/errors, asking questions to the CO2MPAS-Team.
11. How to assess CO2MPAS results.
12. Glossary of terms used in CO2MPAS.

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