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@JRHard771 JRHard771 released this Nov 10, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Droplets 1.3.0

This release adds a new feature, several tweaks, and two additional settings in the Droplets Options menu.


  • Blood squirts are now usually directed away from the source of damage.
  • Giblets have had +FLATSPRITE removed. I liked them better when they stood out.
  • Giblets now have a 1 in 3 chance of being queued with blood splats and removed when your blood limit is reached.
  • Blood pools will now remove themselves from the game if the monster that left them behind does not exist.
  • Blood squirts now create brief clouds of blood (red blood only; considering fixes).
  • Gibbed monsters now leave behind a lingering cloud of blood (red blood only; considering fixes).
  • Lowered the maximum setting for Blood Limit. No one should be setting it that high! (I mean, unless you've got a supercomputer.)
  • Blood droplet sprites now blend better with other blood graphics.
  • Ceiling droplets have had their dripping animation revised.
  • Added setting "Chunky Mode" to menu. If enabled, large blood squirts will also toss out a giblet.
  • Added setting "Blood Droplets Spatter" to menu. If enabled, large blood droplets will create smaller droplets on impact with the floor, creating more finely detailed patterns. This may increase the number of droplets spawned in-game considerably and may also affect performance adversely.
  • Removed limit on number of blood dripping sound effects that may play at once.
  • Made blood dripping sound effects attenuate at a shorter distance.
  • Revised visuals of blood fog on liquid surfaces.
  • Considerably improved blood fog performance in many scenarios.
  • Added compatibility actors for Doom Tribute. These will usually appear as warnings; feel free to ignore them.
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