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Tool for scraping text from websites
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This script runs on Python 3, so check if you have Python 3 installed with something like this: python3 --version

If you have a linux distro, I think it will likely be installed already, but if you're using Mac, you can get Python 3 with brew: brew install python3

On Windows, I'm not sure... let me know if it you get it to work and how you did it, and I'll put that info here:)

Once you have Python 3, You need to install BeautifulSoup for Python 3:

Ubuntu has a stable version you can get with this: sudo apt-get install python3-bs4 Or you can probably try pip3, brew, or easy_install for unix systems.


There are three flags you can feed the script:

python3 -s/--seed -w/--wander -v/--verbose

--seed is a requirement

--wander will let your crawler visit pages which are not children of the seed URL

--verbose will print out to the terminal which URLs were accepted or rejected

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