Free, open-source and ad-less Tor web browser for iOS
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Tob is a free, open-source and ad-less web browser that uses Tor to protect your privacy.


  • Anonymously browse the internet without websites knowing your real IP address.
  • Navigate the internet without your ISP tracking you.
  • Access .onion websites ("hidden services" only available with Tor)
  • Change IP address, clear cookies and cache with the press of a button.
  • Disable scripts that could be used to track your network activity.
  • Browse webpages without any ads thanks to a built-in content blocker.
Available on the appstore
800,000+ downloads!


Before starting Xcode, you must run the script. It will create a "dependencies" folder with Tor.framework, Iobfs4proxy.framework, geoip and geoip6.
Both frameworks should be copied to "./Tob" and the geoip files should be copied to "./Tob/ThirdParty/Tor".