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A JavaScript App built as part of Udacity's FEND Nanodegree Program
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Udacity Frontend Nanodegree Project 5

This app was built as part of the FEND program. This is a map of select eateries in and around the New York area.

Here is the live version of the app

Below are some images of the app in action.

a map image of New York

a listing of local restaurants in the New York area

a listing of a restaurant in New York called The Dutch

This app was built with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • LeafletJS (see below)
  • Mapbox (see below)

Leaflet.js and Mapbox:

This repository uses leafletjs with Mapbox. If you wish to use/modify this app you'll need to replace <your MAPBOX API KEY HERE> with a token from Mapbox. Mapbox is a free to use map service much like Google Maps.

Note about ES6

Most of the code in this project has been written to the ES6 JavaScript specification for compatibility with modern web browsers and future proofing JavaScript code.

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