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IMPORTANT: We're in the discussion mode now so all new issues will be closed. See schedule below.


JSFixed is working to make a better There are two goals

1) Provide the the TC39 committee with a much needed gauge of developer opinion.
2) Provide developer feedback directly to browser vendors.

Please see for more details

The Core Team

Anton Kovalyov, Angus Croll and Kit Cambridge.

How you can help

Please share your feelings, loves, hates, proposals on here:
You can vote for existing proposals/tickets here:
You can also tweet at

Process and Schedule (tentative)

All proposals should be created as issues at A proposal can be a request for new syntax, a new language feature, API or semantic. It can also be a request for an existing TC39 proposal or straw man (or part thereof) to be withdrawn.

Week ending Friday May 11th
All new proposals must be submitted by 6:00 PM PST, Friday to be eligible for consideration.

Week ending Friday May 18th
This week will be dedicated to discussion and refining of the candidate proposals (and voting via This process is open to everybody, but the core team will ensure discussions stay on topic.

During this week, the core team will assess the candidate proposal for any problems, grey areas or inconsistencies and publish thise as a fresh set of issues. These will also be open to comment from allcomers.

Also during this week the core team reserve the right to impose a per person, per issue comment cap in order to give everyone a chance to be heard.

This process may be extended for at least one additional week if there is consensus to do so

Week ending Friday May 25th
Core team select proposals based on developer feedback, voting and personal opinion. Developer opinion is paramount - unpopular proposals will not be selected

Subsequent period (TBD)
Core team (with help?) will document proposals. Proposals will be sent to TC39 and browser vendors for their consideration. These proposals will also serve as a referenceable document of developer opinion

If necessary the process will undergo repeat iterations

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