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I don't seem to have rights to create a label or template for this, so adopting [mailing-list] tag until then and winging it.

@jyasskin from google has offered to/expressed interest in helping mentor in/attend/give standards feedback for chapters if someone can hook him up with someone organizing such a meetup there.

arschmitz commented Jul 28, 2016 edited

Is this Portland Oregon or Maine?? If its Maine i can help if its Oregon @aulvi probably can.


@bkardell also added a chapters.io label for you


Oregon. :)


@aulvi maybe you could help?

jyasskin commented Aug 3, 2016

I'm also hoping this helps push against standards' tendency to hear from mostly white men. If an existing diversity-focused organization wants to start participating, I'm especially eager to help them.

aulvi commented Aug 11, 2016

I organize the Node.js meetup here in Portland (PDXNode) and would be happy to either have a presenter speak about Chapters, or I can give a shout-out at the beginning of the meetup, whatever works.

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