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Welcome to the standards wiki! mostly this is currently a free-form document of random notes. don't take anything here too serious.

Random notes that want a home


compile list of html5 features jquery is using under the hood

jQuery developers & HTML5

  • jQuery and HTML5 elements being handled correctly http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/6485
  • CSS3 style manipulation, vendor prefixes (cssHooks mayhem)
    • maybe finally build an abstraction around manipulating rules? see jQuery.rule woot
  • mobile device features
    • gesture support (wrap different APIs)
    • accelerometer (DeviceOrientation API)
    • geolocation
  • performance
    • buffered jQuery
    • elem.classList, matchesSelector, etc?
    • use WebWorkers?
  • animation fidelity
    • animation via transitions
    • use the correct animation technique based on the properties being animated and warn the user if they try to do multiple non-simultaneous hardware-accelerated animations
    • deal correctly with whether or not the browser supports hardware acceleration
  • graphics use
    • WebGL (low priority, given the difficulty)
    • Canvas wrapper (Raphael, Processing, what else?)
  • offline capability
    • jQuery offline (currrently uses an alternate retrieveJSON... maybe there's a sane way to duck-punch the getJSON API?)
    • Wrap cache manifest events to make it easy to let the user know that a new version of the application is available. Maybe even create an API to manage "app versions"
  • effective use of storage
    • compression to make maximal use of the storage available
    • sanely handle out of storage errors
    • wrap localStorage, SQL storage, and IndexedDB
    • wrap IE storage?
  • positioning via transform translate()
    • see SproutCore's wantsAcceleratedLayer
  • better APIs
    • history.pushState, Workers, websockets
    • ajax() should support all that XHR2 shit (what new features are helpful?)
  • database whatever
    • basically Lawnchair

there is also an etherpad with some more stuff...